VDS Camera Manufactory

The best thing that can be happened to the wood.

Cameras with full correction are perfect for sheet film lovers.

They can be ordered in 3 sizes, the cameras have stable appearance, compact size and low weight. Taking into consideration the customer’s claim I use different kind of woods and 2 types of metal parts to make them for those who would like to create persistent photographs.

My large-format system cameras have been developed on the basis of decades of experience in large format photography. Unlike cameras constructed of heavy metal, the VDS Cameras are lightweight, foldable and easy to transport. They are built of specially selected wood, bellows and metal part materials and feature every possible adjustment options, thus perfectly suited for portrait, landscape, architectural photography and objects stills.

In five years building wooden cameras, the feedback from my customers consistently testifies about their great satisfaction. In addition to the standard dimensions (4×5, 5×7, 8×10) we build custom-sized cameras as well.

To build a camera I utulize american black walnut tree and silver anodized aluminium components. Besides there is opportunity for order the cameras with utilization of merbau tree and stainless steel. VDS cameras are built with unique solutions and handcrafted technology, which all my customers receive onto own name graving.

I recommend my cameras to everyone who desires to experience the joy of using custom-made, artisan-crafted tools for large-format photography.
I strongly believe that a beautiful camera can bring higher inspiration for the photographer to create real masterpieces.


Sándor Vadász